I Can’t Tell What’s Wrong

Dee Richards
Nov 5, 2023

“Please send polished work only. Trust us, we can tell.”

“Keep writing your fun stories for self-expression.”

“You don’t need an MFA to write.”

“…not quite a fit for us at this time.”

“Sadly, we must decline your submission at this time.”

“…the staff has unfortunately decided that this submission is not the right fit for us.”

“We wish we were writing with more joyous news, but unfortunately, we are declining your application…”

“We are going a different direction with the position…”

“…not the right fit for the role.”

“No one will ever love you like I do.”

“You’re the girl no one wants.”

“You’re so hard to love.”



Dee Richards

Dee is a writer, parent & educator. Dee has a BA in English, with honors, from UC Irvine. Dee has 8 anthology pubs & 3 awards in CNF.